Making your small website outrank the big companies

Making your small website outrank the big companies

Most people think just because you are a start up company, you will never have a chance on outranking the large companies who have been around for 30 plus years.

If you have a small website and are a start up company, you will need to make it produce more fresh content and update regularly . As Google ranks your websites pages rather than the website as a whole, it is important to have some good quality content.

Matt Cutts who is the head of Google’s search spam, recently exposed the truth about whether site size impacts search ranking. You should focus on a niche and market and write some really detailed content on it.

Don’t be scared of larger websites, because if you provide quality content that is better, you can outrank them in certain keyword searches as Google looks for great content rather than how big a company is. This is where you really need to focus, your creativity in writing content will go a long way. Don’t worry if you can not think of one straight away, take some time writing it, think of ideas and write them down on paper. Come back when you have some ideas and write the content. If it is not perfect first time round, alter it and do it again. If you can produce great content for each page, you are maximizing your chance to rank higher.

Make your website bigger

When you start writing content, you will get better ideas, will have more details you can provide to your visitors, then try to make make more pages as more quality content you make will be better for the search engines.

Also go for larger keyword, lets take “Golf balls” as an example, in your content try and target your location, brands, city, type etc. You do not need to go after the hardest keyword right at the start, perhaps go after “Second hand golf balls in Australia”. They will be much easier to rank than going for what everyone else is going for.

Look at the larger companies and see what information they don’t provide, example if your selling artificial marble, provide more info, perhaps something like what is the difference in weight compared to the real marble. You need to look at your products like someone who has no idea about it and provide answers/content for that.

Make your content superior to the larger companies. Provide more information

Below is a small video from Matt Cutts from Google who will explain how you can outrank them in a nutshell.

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