10 Reasons why WordPress is the best CMS


While there is so many good free CMS (conntent management system) available. WordPress stands out to be the best CMS platform and the most used today. While some other CMS system is arguably better for certain types of websites. WordPress has so many themes and plugins for users that you can build any type of website today if you have the right developer.

Below is some the reasons why you should use WordPress as your CMS of choice.

1. Easy for users to update: We have developed websites in numerous CMS systems eg: Joomla, Drupal, concrete5 etc. But most of our customers seem to have a much easier time with WordPress and the most difficult time with Joomla out of all the projects we have done.

2. SEO: Google loves websites built with wordpress, as most websites that are built using WordPress has been very easy to get the pages ranking on the 1st page of the search results. With so many plugins making onsite to be easy even for beginners.

3. Free Plugins: WordPress have the most plugins available than any other CMS system. You can built so many types of websites just using free plugins, from adding a forum or having a membership system for your site. Most people will be surprised about how easy some of these plugins can change your website completely.

4. Free Themes: A lot of web developers love WordPress’s wide range of free themes. With so many free themes available, we can deliver websites at a much faster rate as a lot of the code has been done for us already. Having different skeleton themes to suit so many different style of websites reduces time and clients are happier with a project delivered quickly. Even the people new to the website world can upload a new theme as there is so many tutorials on the internet. WordPress just makes things so much easier :)

5. Free Updates: We all love free things in life, WordPress come up with an updated version which you can install for free with 1 click of a button to keep your website running smoothly and security levels up.

6. Saves you Money: While you can get a website done for very little money trying to do it yourself, if you need a web developer to do something out of your league, you can find so many web developers who know WordPress like the back of there hands.

7. Easy to make a Large Website: When we think of a website, we usually have a general idea on what content we want, but we always come up with better and more ideas later. WordPress makes it easy for you to expand from a small website to make a large website. Making new pages has never been so easy with wordpress, just create a new page and add it to the navigation menu.

8. Awesome Blogging System: WordPress was first just a simple Blogging platform in the beginning, while it has developed into much more, it still does what it did best from the begining, With a simple structure in place for blogging for your website, it makes the blogging system the best out of all CMS platforms.

9. Update your website from anywhere: WordPress makes it easy for you to update and add news to your website with ease. You can even add in new content from your phone on the way to work, the backend system is responsive so you can easily navigate the backend with any smartphone. If you have your phone, you can update your website anytime you want from anywhere…… Amazing isn’t it.

10. Flexibility: You can use it for any website, sell cars, simple blog, e-commerce and just about anything you can think of.

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